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  • Matcha Mocha

    Mocha Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Mocha Flavour Blend

    The classic Mocha flavour is a renowned, much-loved blend around the world. As you know by now, however, we at MONOMATCHA™ don’t like to do things the boring, ordinary way. Our Mocha Matcha blend is a succulent, sophisticated blend of all those natural ingredients you love for taste and the help they give your body!
  • Matcha Apple

    Apple Matcha

    Organic Matcha Fruitjoy Apple Blend

    Create a delicious matcha and apple smoothie or latte with our premium Matcha Apple flavour. Handmade and 100% organic, add this to your favorite recipes (like cakes, lattes and cookies!) to enrich flavours and make your guests come back for more. You can't go wrong with the taste of matcha and apple combined!
  • Matcha Coconut

    Coconut Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Coconut Flavour Blend

    We harnessed the earthy, natural nature of coconuts to create this specific green tea recipe. Boy, did we nail it (we’d be modest, but that wouldn’t be honest). Who would’ve thought that you could gain a sharp mind and a cleansed body from a delicious cup of tea? We didn’t, but it appears we were wrong!
  • Matcha Strawberry

    Strawberry Matcha

    Organic Matcha Fruitjoy Strawberry Blend

    Can you have a sweet, fruity, strawberry-flavoured tea without overloading on sugar? Well, our green tea suggests so. With natural ingredients guaranteed to boost your metabolism, leading to numerous health benefits, our new handmade Matcha strawberry tea powder will blow your mind and your taste buds!
  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Create a refreshing MONOMATCHA™ tea with our organic premium ceremonial grade matcha tea powder. Aside from its delicious flavour, matcha is known for its health benefits and has high levels of antioxidants and amino acids. - 100% Organic Matcha - Resealable Packaging - Free International Shipping - No Sugar or Additives
  • Matcha Lemon

    Lemon Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Lemon Flavour Blend

    When life gives you lemons, trade them in for our fruitier, tastier, superior Matcha recipe! This is rich in antioxidants and crammed full of natural lemon powder, freshly grounded coffee beans and lots of other goodies that you never would have imagined could taste so good.
  • Matcha Mango

    Mango Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Mango Flavour Blend

    Discover the refreshing combination of matcha green leaf tea with delicious mango flavour with the handmade premium Fruitjoy series by MONOMATCHA™. Instantly use the organic blend to create a tea, smoothie, latte, cake or whatever you desire! No sugar or other additives, just 100% organic matcha and pure fruit!
  • Matcha Banana

    Banana Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Banana Blend

    Create a delicious matcha and banana smoothie or latte with our premium organic Matcha Banana blend. Handmade and 100% organic, add this to your favorite recipes (like cakes, lattes and cookies!) to enrich flavours and make your guests come back for more. You can't go wrong with the taste of matcha and banana combined!
  • Matcha Pomegranate

    Pomegranate Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Pomegranate Flavour Blend

    Matcha green leaf tea of the pomegranate variety is exactly what the doctor ordered. If not, it’s definitely what he should have ordered, because the remedial effects of this tea powder are astounding! The high level of antioxidants and amino acids do wonders for your body, which should make you feel better about this supposed “indulgence”.
  • Matcha Peach

    Peach Matcha

    Premium Organic Matcha Peach Flavour Blend

    Life’s a peach with our new MONOMATCHA™ blend of organic, refreshing, top-grade tea powder! Whether you want a beautiful mug of tea, a sophisticated latte, or simply something of an exquisite peach flavour to go with a delicious slice of cake, then this is the treat (that isn’t really a treat) you need.

Make a delicious cup of Matcha

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Premium & Healthy Flavours!

Premium Organic Matcha

MONOMATCHA™ creates pure, high quality and 100% organic premium matcha powder that has been produced without any pesticides or any  harmful chemicals and is USDA approved.

Organic Fruit Powder

MONOMATCHA™ contains pure fruit powder for flavoring. The powder is then blended to perfection to create a full taste which can be used to enhance flavours in matcha related recipes.

Matcha Health Benefits

Studies have shown that matcha has calming effects, memory and concentration boosts, detoxing, improving weight loss, improving cholesterol and increases energy levels.

Free International Shipping*

Any package size ranging from 30 gram to 250 gram will be shipped to your doorstep at no cost as long as it fits your mailbox! Because we’re cool like that.

Handmade Matcha Blends

We have experimented quite a bit to find the perfect matcha and custom flavour blend and we think we have succeeded! Enjoy our premium flavour series for any occasion.

Flexible Subscriptions

Would you love to receive a variety of MONOMATCHA sent to you every week, 2 weeks or perhaps per month? Our flexible subscriptions allow you to select flavours and save up to 35%!




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